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Dread Falls
Doll Falls
Braided Falls
Twist Falls
Loose Falls
Curly Dread Falls
Hair Accesories
Bags && Purses
About the Owner
Contact Me and Ordering

Policy must be read and understood before any exchange.

- NO REFUNDS. This is final due to health regulations.
- If a package is lost in the mail THE SLAUGHTER SCENE is not held responsible.
- If you mail a money order and it gets lost THE SLAUGHTER SCENE is not held responsible for it.
- Full payment for the product and shipping is due up front before making and shipping.
- Personal Information will be asked for you to give. Without it I will deny your order.
- I only charge shipping and handling on Dreadfalls. Shipping and handling costs can range from $5 to $20. Depending on location, number of items, and weight.
- Turn around dates are usually 2-3 days for extentions and fringes and 2-4 weeks for Dreadfalls. If there is a problem it can change.
- THE SLAUGHTER SCENE doesn't promise dead lines.
- By putting an order form in you will notice that you understand the policy.